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The World Needs Dialogue 6

Die Academy of Professional Dialogue, UK ( veranstaltet vom 30.10.-3.11.2023 wieder ihre jährliche Online Konferenz „The World Needs Dialogue 6“. – dieses Jahr bereits zum 6. Mal.

This online conference is for all professional people who work in and with organizations. It is relevant to you if you want to deepen your expertise with dialogue – whether you are already an experienced practitioner or a novice. If you are new to Professional Dialogue™, this is the conference for you. The opening sessions address the question: What is Dialogue? If you are wondering about the relevance of Professional Dialogue™ to your workplace, you will be inspired and informed by the considerations of Dialogic Leadership, Dialogic Decision-Making, Dialogic Culture and Dialogic Multi-Stakeholder Engagement. On the other hand, if you have the good fortune to work in or with an organization that is already a Dialogic Organization, you will be grateful to get back to basics, to enquire in depth, and to extend the value you gain every day from working dialogically.

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